Our Services

We take pride in offering a wide array of services to our clients and we are always open to take a new challenge.

What we offer

We take pride in offering a wide array of services to our clients and we are always open to take a new challenge.

Market Research

Our dedicated team of researchers plays a key role in assisting gaming companies in acquiring data that will increase our clients' understanding of their target market(s) in Africa. This phase is essential for any firm that is considering expanding into the African continent because Africa is a large continent with several countries that are further divided into a number of locations, each of which has its own distinct likes and preferences.

Licensing Support

We offer full support for licensing gambling operations on the entire African continent. We have experts in a number of nations, including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Sudan, Mozambique, Ethiopia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We are the finest at what we do, as evidenced by the long list of clients we have helped build their businesses in several African nations.

Affiliate Marketing

We are currently developing a network that will link the leading affiliate marketing companies in Africa with sports betting and casino sites in Africa. Our technology will enable social media influencers and other content creators to sign up, study affiliate marketing, and discover how they may earn revenue using the marketing strategy by using the channels they already use to promote gambling-related goods and services.

Bet Domains Investment

The greatest and most popular betting domains for sportsbooks and casinos in the world can be found on our gambling domains marketplace. Our domains are ideal for both new market entrants and established companies that are rebranding for the best market positioning. Looking for a fancy domain for your operation, Look no further than betdomains.io, the home of the world's Top gambling Domains.

Influencer Marketing

Social media sites such as Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook have many influencers with expertise in a specific niche market who have the power and vast follower count to help you take your business to the next level. Afriadz.com Influencer marketing which is part of our family, helps you connect and collaborate with the right influencers to increase your marketing campaign’s effectiveness, brand visibility and growth.

iGaming Media Platform

We take pride in owning Africa's leading casino, sportsbook, and lottery insider for news, podcasts, interviews, and other gambling industry updates. Our platform iGaming Afrika is the best b2b gambling media source focused on informing the gambling business community on all matters related to gaming in Africa. We are proud to be the only channel that has managed to bring together all b2b players in the African iGaming sector through the platform.

Our Approach

We approach every client’s business as if it was our own. We strongly believe that for someone to entrust their business to us, then they deserve better. We come together as a team, put ourselves in our client’s shoes , align our client’s objectives with the client’s project at hand and collaborate with the client thought the project. By doing this, we not only deliver good results but also build long lasting relationships.

We archive our exemplary results by engaging several country representatives who will work to see your project fulfilled in any country that you are interested in. Our team is growing day by day and thus we will be able to cover the entire African continent with projects sponsored by people like you. For this reason, e approach every project with utmost care, confidentiality and integrity since that to us is a prerequisite for our next project.